Meet OffGrid

Meet OffGrid

Make music anywhere with this palm-sized controller.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter.

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    Pair & Play

    OffGrid is a velocity-sensitive Drumpad,
    Keyboard and Gestural Controller that fits in your pocket.

    Pair & Play
    6D Freedom

    Shake it, Twist it

    Add expression to your music using motion and gestures. OffGrid will translate any movement with precision and fluidity.
    Modulation Joystick

    Play your way

    OffGrid employs LED-backlit, pressure-sensitive pads and a unique multi-directional modulation Joystick — use your digits, thumbs or paws.
    Battery Powered

    All-day, Every-day

    Optimized for Ultra-low power operation, OffGrid will keep you going through the day tirelessly. It is truly a perfect on-the-go companion.
    2x2 grid

    Total Recall

    Store any configuration as a preset with the free, cross-platform OffGrid Editor App. Recall any preset instantly, on-the-fly. The possibilities are endless.
    Shake it. Bend it.
    OffGrid is a wireless, responsive controller that lets you experience Apps as never before. Play keys, make beats, sequence songs, remix sound and video, control lights, launch clips and control hardware hands-on, all day long, on a single charge.
    Pair with anything
    OffGrid pairs with any iOS / Android / macOS & Windows PC device via Bluetooth® LE or USB Type-C in a matter of seconds. It maps MIDI (MPE) parameters to its minimalist interface to control and play any compatible App or external Hardware.
    OffGrid combines the natural feel of a real instrument with the capabilities and full integration of a mobile device, it will change the way you capture your creative ideas and bring your vision to life.

    OffGrid fits in the palm of your hand, travels in your pocket and pairs with your apps in seconds, so you can go from sketch to masterpiece, without skipping a beat.

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    More than MIDI

    OffGrid allows continuous, high-resolution data transmission that can be mapped to MIDI (MPE) and other standards.

    Anatomy of °Grid

    Any configuration can be saved as a preset, with 16 banks allowing for 16 presets each –
    that’s a total of 256 individual presets that can be switched on-the-fly, standalone, mid-performance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    OffGrid pairs with any iOS / Android / macOS & Windows PC device, wirelessly via Bluetooth® LE or tethered via USB Type-C

    There are a number of factors that make offGrid unique when compared to existing controllers:

    1. OffGrid is Wireless and Mobile – it weighs as much as your smartphone.
    2. OffGrid is Bluetooth LE enabled.
    3. OffGrid is Battery operated and offers a connection for Li-Ion rechargable cells.
    4. OffGrid has a built-in 3D accelerometer & gyroscope with AI gesture learning.
    5. OffGrid is compatible with most of your devices out-of-the-box cross-platform, no drivers, just Pair & Play.
    6. OffGrid offers developers the freedom to explore other protocols in the future independently.
    7. OffGrid is built in the EU with clean conscience.


    OffGrid has velocity-sensitive pads made from durable Silicone, with multiple assignable zones, finger-drum away MPC-style!

    Yes, it’s possible.

    OffGrid allows you to play split octaves, left/right hand chord mappings, inversions and anything else you can think of. The mapping is done via the companion editor App (cross-platform). Any configuration can be saved as a preset, with 16 banks allowing for 16 presets each – that’s a total of 256 individual presets that can be switched on-the-fly, standalone, mid-performance.

    • RAL 9016 (Signal White)
    • RAL 9005 (Jet Black)
    • RAL 6034 (Pastele Turqoise)

    OffGrid lets you capture and express your creative ideas by combining the responsiveness and versatility of a real instrument with the total integration, capability and ease of use of a wireless, mobile device.