°Grid - inspiration in the palm of your hand

Inspiration in the palm of your hand – now on Kickstarter

°Grid is an interactive controller that allows you to experience Apps — as never before. Play keys, make beats, sequence, remix sound and video, control light, launch clips — hands-on, with all the responsiveness of a real instrument in a mobile package.

Shake it, bend it, dance with it — °Grid will translate every movement, touch, and gesture with precision and fluidity — A truly expressive instrument becomes an extension of your personality.

°Grid - outline
  • °Grid employs LED-backlit, pressure-sensitive silicone pads and a unique multi-directional Made-in-Japan modulation Joystick — use your digits, thumbs or paws — there can never be enough YOU in the flow.

  • A cross-platform, companion App visually maps parameters to pads and enables color-coding as well as saving presets for instant recall to control any Bluetooth® enabled, MIDI / OSC compatible App or external Hardware.

  • A built-in iNEMO™ Ultra-low-power, inertial module with an AI Machine Learning Core combines the power of a 3D accelerometer and a 3D gyroscope to map any gesture to any parameter — to put it simply:

    °Grid becomes a natural extension of your body.

  • Optimized for Ultra-low power operation, °Grid will keep you going through the day tirelessly. It is truly a perfect on-the-go companion.

°Grid pairs with any iOS / Android / macOS & Windows PC device via Bluetooth® LE or USB Type-C in a matter of seconds. It maps MIDI / OSC parameters to its unique interface to control and play any compatible App or external Hardware.

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°Grid fits in the palm of your hand, travels in your pocket and pairs with your apps in seconds, so you can go from sketch to masterpiece, without skipping a beat.