Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Discrete-Core VCO with a self-oscillating, standalone
Low-Pass Filter, Through-Zero Frequency Modulation
and a built-in VCA.


Throughout the design and development process we were free to experiment with any imaginable set of features focusing on a self-contained unique voice with an astonishing Low-Pass Filter, a built-in VCA and complex signal-shaping circuitry.


the result

A 100% analog self-sufficient, musical instrument that can be integrated into any configuration – be it in a standalone or modular fashion.

“…Its been one of my lead voices for a week now. that spot is usually reserved for my macbeth dual VCO’s.
’nuff said…”

Colin Benders aka Kyteman

main ingredient

Engineered around a discrete core with a dedicated, self-oscillating Low-Pass Filter this VCO offers state-of-the-art performance,
unparalleled vintage timbre and unique signal-shaping possibilities.

Discrete Core.


An incredible amount of innovation went into designing a discrete Core capable of very decent tracking and temperature stabilisation while retaining the unique sonic DNA and tonal capabilities of 100% analog, voltage controlled circuitry.
The resulting design – elegant despite inherent complexity is also considerably less noisy and less susceptible to temperature drift than it’s vintage forefathers.

Integrated Filter.


At the center of the signal-flow is a dedicated, self-oscillating, voltage controlled Low-Pass Filter tracking 1v/oct.
The Filter is one of the principal parts of TheBateleur VCO, allowing timbral control over the fundamental Waveforms and external signals however at the same time also an eccentric standalone voice in its own right once in the self-oscillation position.

Through-Zero Frequency Modulation.


What would a VCO be without wave-shaping qualities? Our take on Through-Zero Frequency Modulation allows for an entirely new range of sounds.
It’s more like a dedicated “DX”-style unit – literally at the flick of a switch – bells, chimes, metallic percussion – you name it!

Gentle. Giant.

Manufactured, hand-assembled and calibrated to the highest quality specifications in Vienna, Austria.
TheBateleur VCO is the culmination of years of research –
resulting in the most organic symbiosis between sound, functionality, intuitive operation and ergonomic-design.


The entire interface is streamlined for intuitive operation and maximum efficiency with large, distinctive, performance-friendly knobs and dichromatic labelling making it both a player’s instrument and studio workhorse.


play by ear

The VCO’s output is perceived by the human ear as extremely harmonically rich with minute variations in frequency and pleasant harmonic distortion.


Discrete-Core Oscillator with a self-oscillating, standalone Low-Pass Filter, built-in VCA and Through-Zero Frequency Modulation.



  • 1v/oct
  • cutoff (cv)
  • pwm (cv)
  • fm (cv)
  • filter input


  • sine
  • triangle
  • saw
  • pulse
  • sub pulse
  • filter output


  • filter / self-oscillation
  • fm / fm through-zero


  • fine (+/- 7 semitones)
  • range (5 octaves)
  • glide
  • fm
  • cutoff
  • pw (variable from 0% – 100%)
  • pwm


Modular Eurorack
(3 Rack Units)


W x H x D

  • 22HP (111.4mm)
  • 3U (128.5mm)
  • < 40mm


bipolar 100mA +12v

80mA -12v


499,- €

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